Q: How tall is Sam and Wick?

A: Sam : 5′ 3″ or 160 cm, Wick: 6′ 3″ or 190.5 cm

Q: What sort of representation/diversity does your story have?

A: We have lots of POC, but in terms of queer representation, Sam is a pansexual cis man and Wick is a gay trans man. Sam is also a bit coded to have ADHD though there’s no former diagnosis of that available in this fantasy setting.

Q: Can Sam control his aura?

A: Only so much as he can control his emotions – and he’s not super adept at that. That’s why Wick comments on his aura frequently, as he can see how Sam feels by how his aura is reacting. When Sam tries to be a “bad guy” his aura shows it is painful for him, and Wick calls him out on it.

Q: HEY !! Wick can’t do magic with his collar on!! How did he make the scary face?

A: The magic it requires is minimal, so it doesn’t trigger. His body actually needs magic to function so it doesn’t stop all magic, just significant expressions beyond a small amount.