Sam Blackstone is a member of the Fettered and is forbidden from marrying his beloved unless he proves himself worthy to society. He has no choice but to join the army in fighting a race of monstrous creatures who poison crops with magical curseweed. But when Sam captures a sarcastic and charming jack named Wick, he’s surprised to discover these creatures are more human than they appear. As Sam begins to see how monstrous his own people can be, he is torn between his affection for Wick and his loyalty to his country. His heart is too big to settle for anything short of love and kindness, and now is hunted like a monster himself.

Jack Beloved is a slowburn inter-species queer romance comic story set in the arid fantasy deserts and starry mountains of Korveil. The setting is inspired by Big Bend National Park, which is nestled in the Chihuahuan desert in West Texas.  

The Art and Concept are by Maxwell Thomas Kinne.

Maxwell was cursed by a witch at birth to become an artist. He studied Fine Art in college but defected to illustration after being forced to attend one too many schmoozing gallery events. He dreamt up Jack Beloved as a narrative justification to draw dudes kissing and it got way out of hand. The fantasy adventure was essential to contextualize the kissing.

Max is inspired by nature and animation. He loves travel and hiking and sweeping vistas that showcase the beauty and power of nature. Although he is aware that the 1995 Universal Pictures film Balto is deeply flawed, he cannot help but feel defensive of it. Max is vibrant and excited and he’s going to get big muscles and you can’t stop him.

Follow Max on Twitter and Fur Affinity.

The story and words are by David Michael Kinne.

David is a writer specializing in goofy and heartfelt fantasy. He wants most to make stories that will make you laugh and cry. His favorite authors include Michael Chabon, Kurt Vonnegut, Douglas Adams, Neil Gaiman, and Terry Prachett. David likes video games a lot and spends a great amount of time secluded to contemplate the profundity of Bomberman 64. You may listen to him talk too much about video games on Twitter. He thinks Final Fantasy IX was the best one.

When David was a small child a lion peed on his head when he visited the zoo. David is quiet and gloomy but would enjoy seeing you smile. He is married to Maxwell.

Song lyrics featured in the story are commissioned work by Ari Borhanian (Metajoker).

You can check out other music by him at his youtube channel and follow him on twitter. Ari also writes for the web comic Mothorial.

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This website is made using WordPress in conjunction with the Comic Easel plugin and Compress theme by Frumph. The comic is drawn digitally using procreate on an iPad and modified with adobe illustrator on desktop. Special fonts used include Badaboom, Might Makes Right, Vampirevich, and LD Count Fontula. Some favorite Procreate custom brushes used include those in the MEGAPACK by Georg von Westphalen, the MaxPack series of brushes by Max Ulichney, and the Galaxy Brushes by Petra Burger.

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